Ujawala Welfare Society

Welcome to Ujwala Welfare Society, Vijaya Nagaram, AP, India

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Welcome to Ujwala Welfare society

Ujwala Welfare Society is VijayaNagaram based registered Non-Governmental Voluntary Organization. Ujwala Welfare Society committed to Undertake various development programmers for the socioeconomically weaker sections of the society with people participation The objectives are broad based to develop the rural community  and protect Live stock livelihoods, Animal welfare and sea turtles conservation. And to save environment and Bio-diversity conservation and development.

Our Objectives

  • Women & Child Welfare
  • Tribal welfare
  • Education
  • Health
  • Cultivation
  • Panchayati Legal Help
  • Animal welfare

Agricultural Development:

To apply methods and systems related in increasing agricultural productions. Mainly development of appropriate and related technologies, water resource development, encouraging food crops, livestock development, fodder development program, social lorestry. waste land development, nurseries and water shed development etc.,

Human Resource Development

To import training for skills development, self employment and income generation mainly to youth and women.

Primary Health Care:

To conduct activities in a) Food and Nutrition b)immunization c)Disease Control d)prevention of communicable disease e) Sanitation  f) Rehabilitation  g)Health education

Educational development

As education is a key instrument of development, programs like early child education, Non -formal education, supplementary education, Adult education Vocational training etc., will be taken up. Innovative programs will be undertaken to improve quality in education.

Women, child and household development

 As household is a unit, it is decided to conduct various welfare program for the development of household taking women and child as the target group. Small family norm, thrift programs etc., Will improve.

Community development: To conduct various programs to develop community spin, relations, sell-help and participation.

Development and planning status

To conduct basic research and also to take up baseline and equation studies through P.R.A methods to assist and guide development planning.

Dissemination of information

Particularly on schemes, programs and projects of government with policy change.

Socio-Cultural Programs
To educate and motivate rural people, various socio-cultural programs will be taken under Eradication of social evils also includes in the programs.

Relief and Rehabilitation

To build structures such as schools. Libraries. Community balls for the benefit of the people.

Development of tribes, scheduled Castes and other marginalized sections.

To provide up to date, compress zed and technical education.

To protect environment, ecology, animal and all human beings.

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